Palisade Peaches

Glenn Austin peaches are grown completely naturally, without the use of pesticides. The harvest will happen when the peaches are at their peak. They don't rush the peaches but wait until we get the juiciest most flavorful peach. Definitely worth the wait!

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Fresh Peaches!

Get your hands on some delicious peaches!

The peaches are brought to us by Glenn Austin, the man who has been farming in the Paonia/Palisade area for decades.  He knows great peaches and I'm relying on him to bring us the best.  They are not certified organic but the peaches have never been sprayed with pesticides unlike farmer's market peaches.  I know you'll be pleased. The crop looks bountiful and I would love to get a very large order together so we can bless the Austin family.  Tell your friends about this great sale.  The peaches will be delivered to us either the third or fourth Thursday of August. You can order and pay online but if you desire to pay for your peach order with cash or check, then bring your order to the store and pay at that point. You may also send your order with check payment through the mail. Ordering time ends at midnight August 11th.

20-22 lb. box of freestone peaches.  Pickup date will be announced, depending on harvest.  $61

10-11 lb. box  of freestone peaches.  This is a half case.  $35

*When we send you delivery/pickup information, it is important for you to pickup promptly. This is a fresh and fragile fruit.

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