Frequently Asked Questions

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How is your food prepared?

We start with wholesome ingredients including local free-range meats whether it be chicken, pork, beef or buffalo.  We make entrees the old-fashioned way, starting from scratch using home tried and true recipes that have been handed down through generations.  We use all safety and cleaning procedures, even under USDA inspection, keeping our kitchen clean and healthy.

Is everything at your store organic?

No, not everything.  My goal 20+ years ago was to feed my family as organic as possible but I needed to stay within a budget.  So when we find our meats and other ingredients, we keep that as our main objective.  No preservatives are added to our recipes whether it be in the cooking or the baking side.  We strive to always keep our vegetables organic and the meats free range naturally raised.

What types of Gluten Free Foods do you offer?

We have dinner entrees and baked goods to offer.  There is quite an extensive list of items.  Some of the meals that we originally produced have been converted to gluten free but have the same great taste.  My daughter Annie has developed many gluten free bakery items and has really expanded that area of our business.

Why can't I order certain items online?

Because we said so...Our website is mainly used for preordering items that can be picked up at the store.  As of now, we are not offering to ship our products as everything is fresh or frozen. Some of our items have to be weighed upon purchase so it is difficult to determine the final cost online. Besides, we love seeing all your faces in our store.

Why can't I pay online for some foods?

Some of our products have to be weighed upon purchase.  As weights vary especially within the meat categories, we need to weigh and charge you accordingly when you come to pick-up.

What's the best way to place an order?

If you are new to our business, then browse the different categories on this website.  Become familiar with your favorites when you give them to your family. It may take awhile to find your favorites because we have a lot of choices. Once you know your grocery list, you can use the Quick Order field to quickly place your online order.  We will receive that order and begin pulling the items you want.  Be sure to write in the note field letting us know what day you intend to come to pick-up.

Do you cater?

We no longer offer catering, however, we are very happy to help you pull meals  together from our list of entrees for any special event.   We can also supply you with multiples of our dessert offerings as long as you give us plenty of notice.  Just arrange for someone to come to pick-up and we’ll have your order ready.  In some cases, we can even bake the entrees for you so you can pick them up hot and ready to serve.

Do you offer delivery?

We do offer delivery and we'll bring it to you ourselves! When you place your online order, just let us know you're interested in delivery. We'll take it from there.

Thanks for being the best part of Taste of Life!

Visit our store Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm. Shop all of our goodies or place an order online. Dawn will be ready for you at the register to help you with whatever you need, and our Taste of Life family is always working hard to bring you high quality delicious meals. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get all the good deals and specials! Thank you for blessing us and have a great day!