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Newsletter July 16, 2022

Newsletter July 16, 2022
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I hope you have a nice weekend planned. We've got a busy week come Monday so it's nice to have a weekend off before it hits.

We've got a couple of great side entrees planned for this coming week and some tastee daily specials as well. Read on to find out the details.

You'll also notice that I've posted our Palisade Peaches ordering list!

Palisade Peaches

It's time to order. I've spoken with Glenn Austin and he says the crop looks beautiful. The trees are so plentiful that they have to thin out the peaches a bit to make sure they grow big, beautiful and juicey.

As always, we pray for no hail and beautiful weather up there on the western slope. Glenn's growing practices are unsurpassed in natural, organic methods and tender loving care. You can taste the quality in every bite.

Here is a link to place your order. You can order either a full case or a half case. You can pay online since payment must be received to confirm your order. If you choose to pay with cash or check, then you'll have to order in the store and pay there.



Since the weather has been so beautiful, there is probably a lot of grilling going on. How about a couple of really tastee sides to go with your meal? Our potato salad and baked beans fit the bill. By replying to this email, just let me know how many quarts you would like.

Potato Salad, 1 quart. $10.79, naturally gluten free

Calico Baked Beans, 1 quart. $10.79, naturally gluten free

Please let me know by Tuesday night, July 19th.

Pickup will be after 12 noon Thursday, July 21st & Friday July 22nd.

Austin Farms Produce

It's time to order Austin Farms produce. The list is growing. We have corn on the cob and cling peaches! It's getting pretty tastee with fresh fruits and veggies.

This produce is grown organically and with tender loving care. You'll be very thrilled with the quality.

Here is a link to see what is available and to place your order. The sooner I get your order, the better chance we have for availability.


You must order by Sunday, July 17th at 11am. Your order will be available for pickup on Thursday and Friday, July 21st and 22nd.

Daily Specials

Pick your favorite day or days to shop.

All specials are offered while supplies last.


MONDAY - COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES! Spend at least $65 and pick out a free dozen of cookie dough balls. There are 7 varieties to choose from, including GF. Keep your cookie monsters happy.

TUESDAY - 20% off Tuesday! Choose any two entrees of any size and receive 20% off of those items.

WEDNESDAY - FREE QUESADILLAS - Spend only $75 and receive 3 free quesadillas. We now have beef & cheese as well as our long time favorite chicken & cheese.

THURSDAY - FREE SCONES - Spend $70 and chose a free package of scones. We have orange chocolate chip, mocha and maple pecan. It's a hard choice.

FRIDAY - CHERRY BARBECUE CHICKEN - Spend only $85 and get a free 1 1/2 lb. package of our cherry barbecue chicken. It's fully cooked; ready to warm and enjoy.

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