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Newsletter 6.4.22

Jun 4, 2022
Newsletter 6.4.22
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Are you ready for a beautiful weekend? Warm sunshine and beautiful skies. That's our Colorado.... now. ;). It seems like it took a long time to get here, but now we can enjoy!

We've got several things going on this week. We're gearing up for a very busy week in our kitchen. We'll keep working so you can enjoy some tastee treats.

Beginning this morning, you can order on our wild fish sale. Fresh halibut is available! The comments we've heard about our halibut is that it's the best they've ever tasted. It's a bit pricey right now. They are telling me that the price may go down in July and if that is so, I'll offer it again next month. Take a look at the complete list. Read below for details.

We're offering Carrot Cake this week. I suggest that if you want this yummy dessert for Father's Day, then order this week and freeze until then. We will be offering apple crisp for Father's Day also. Read below for details.

And last but not least: Fresh Basil Chicken Salad! Fresh dinner rolls and chicken salad. Your tongue will be dancing a jig. Be sure to order no later than Tuesday night to have a quart or two reserved for you. Just like I've said above, read below for details.


It's grilling weather and time to have tastee fish ready to go. We've got a nice selection to choose from.

It's a good time of year when fresh Alaskan halibut is available. The price is a bit high right now (hopefully will come down in July) but if you can't wait that long, order a package or two. We will cut the halibut into 1 lb. or 1/2 lb. pieces.

We also have our light and flakey walleye filets on the list, and then a big favorite is our wild Alaskan cod pieces. These come in 4 pre-cut pieces to a lb.

Then our tuna steaks, swordfish steaks and mahi mahi filets are on the list as well.

The ordering list is ready for you right now. The list closes this coming Tuesday, June 7th at 4pm. No prepayment is necessary.

Pickup your order on Thursday, June 9th after 12 noon and anytime Friday the 10th.

Here is a link to see the list and place your order


Carrot Cake

It's time for carrot cake again!

We make our carrot cake from scratch with organic carrots and just plain goodness. We offer chopped pecans in the cream cheese frosting if you desire (it's my favorite) or you can request no pecans.

This comes regular and gluten free.

Reply to this newsletter by this Tuesday evening and tell me how many cakes you'd like.

Comes in a 6 serving pan.

Regular ($8.75) or gluten free ($9.25)

Tell me if you want chopped pecans in the frosting.

Order by Tuesday night, June 7th.

Pickup Thursday, June 9th after 12 noon or anytime Friday, June 10th.

Fresh Basil Chicken Salad

It's a great week at Taste of Life. We have many happy customers when it's time to enjoy our fresh basil chicken salad. We're happy to keep you happy.

We saute our chicken breast to a flavorful golden brown, then mix in boiled egg and diced cucumber. The best and most refreshing part of this salad is our blended fresh basil in the mayonnaise with a perfect amount of parmesan cheese. It is quite irresistible.

We sell this in a quart container for only $15.95.

Please send me an email or call the store and tell us how many quarts you would like to order.

We need your order by Tuesday, night, June 7th.

Pickup after 12 noon on Thursday or anytime Friday, June 9th & 10th.

Father's Day is around the corner!

We will be offering our potato salad and Calico baked beans for Father's Day. Also, Apple Crisp! Watch for that next weekend.

Growing Season is just about here!

Now that our weather is behaving we will soon begin receiving organic produce from the Western Slope. Oh, just think of the tomatoes! As soon as I hear from Austin Farms, we will begin our weekly ordering and enjoy the best produce that grows in Colorado!

Let us not forget! Palisade Peaches coming in August! I've heard from Glen Austin that the peach blossoms are plentiful. They are expecting a beautiful harvest. Pray for no hail!

NEW Lockhart Honey Farms

We carry this honey now. The hives are located along Fountain Creek and the Arkansas River Valley, east of Pueblo all the way to Las Animas area.

Maple Syrup from Wisconsin

I'm so glad you love this. I love offering special products like this :).

Hopefully he will come again in late July or August. I'll keep you posted.


Pick your favorite day or days to shop.

All specials are offered while supplies last.


MONDAY - COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES! Spend at least $60 and pick out a free dozen of cookie dough balls. There are 7 varieties to choose from, including GF. Keep your cookie monsters happy.

TUESDAY - 20% off Tuesday! Choose any two entrees of any size and receive 20% off of those items.

WEDNESDAY - FREE QUESADILLAS - Spend only $70 and receive 3 free quesadillas. We now have beef & cheese as well as our long time favorite chicken & cheese.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY - No specials. Pickup days for chicken salad, carrot cake and fish sale.


All of our specials this week are gluten free. The chicken salad is amazing. You can order a gluten free carrot cake too.

We now have gluten free beef and cheese quesadillas. We also produced gluten free chicken and cheese quesadillas. I think you'll love these! And on Wednesday, you could get 3 free quesadillas! Read about that in the Daily Specials.


Beginning now

Order on our Wild Fish Sale

Order now

Fresh Basil Chicken Salad

and Carrot Cake

Week of June 13th

Potato Salad, Baked Beans

and Apple Crisp

just in time for Father's Day

WISE WATER - we'll fill your bottles while you shop.

It's fresh and comes right from the filter to you!

Make our store your stop for fresh alkaline water.  Wise Water is headed up by my son Adam. One gallon of water is only $1.50!  We have bottles available for sale or bring your own.  Since you're getting your water straight from the filtering system, you'll be receiving the freshest antioxidant benefits not available to you otherwise!

Contact Adam directly with any questions.


Taste of Life; the place to get your family entrees and peace of mind that you're feeding your family wholesome, healthy and tastee meals. We cook the way you would if you had the time.

Allow us to save the day, one meal at a time!

Thank you for spreading the word about our "secret back door store".


Donna, our family, and the awesome Taste of Life crew

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