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Newsletter 4.23.22

Apr 23, 2022
Newsletter 4.23.22
Curvy Decorative Red Line


If you're outside, hold onto something! We've got a dirt field behind our house and we're watching all of it head east. And do you feel like the moisture is being sucked from your skin? Pretty crazy right now! At least we've got green grass and flowers popping up too.

We're gearing up for our summer entrees. We've got fresh basil chicken salad coming up. It's also getting close to needing our Potato Salad and Calico Baked Beans, don't you think? We'll have to throw in a few weeks of Carrot Cake here and there just to keep our need for a sweet treat satisfied.

Now, read on to find out what we're up to this week.

Apple Crisp is a favorite!

You've been asking, so here it is.

This week we will offer a special on Apple Crisp.

This is such a delightful dessert as the apples are coated much like for an apple pie with cinnamon and sugar. But then the topping is so irresistible with brown sugar, oat flakes and butter.

When you bake this dessert til hot and bubbly, then serve it hot with ice cream, nothing beats the ice cream melting down through the crunchy topping. Is your mouth watering yet?

8 serving pan for $19.99

2 serving pan for $7.99

This comes in regular and gluten free.

Reply to this email with your order.

Pickup is Thursday, April 28th, after 12 noon

and all day Friday the 29th.

Send me an email by Tuesday night to have your crisp saved for you. Be sure to tell me regular or gluten free and the size of pan you want.

Mother's Day Cupcakes.

Do you remember the yummy chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting we made up for St. Patrick's Day? We'll do that again for Mother's Day.

Watch for that next week in the newsletter to get your order in.

We have brought back our Orange Raspberry Bread. It is absolutely wonderful.It is made with orange zest and raspberries, then topped with an orange glaze. The flavor just pops on your tongue.

This is a spring/summer treat and available right now.

A part time position for a kitchen assistant is available.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

9am to 5pm

Lunch is included and we offer a 20% discount in our store.

Please let me know if you're interested.


Pick your favorite day or days to shop.

All specials are offered while supplies last.

MONDAY - COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES! Spend at least $60 and pick out a free dozen of cookie dough balls. There are 7 varieties to choose from, including GF. Keep your cookie monsters happy.

TUESDAY - 20% off Tuesday! Choose any two entrees of any size and receive 20% off of those items.

WEDNESDAY - FREE QUESADILLAS - Spend at least $70 and get 3 FREE chicken and cheese quesadillas. I know you love this special.

THURSDAY - FREE CREAMY CHICKEN POTATO - Spend only $50 and receive a free two serving pan. For $75 spent, you receive a 4 serving pan and then if you spend $100 you get a full 8 serving pan free. It's a family favorite!

FRIDAY - FREE PIZZA - Spend only $85 and get a free whole wheat pepperoni or cheese pizza. We make the crust from scratch using freshly milled whole wheat flour. Our own pizza sauce is great and then topped with 3 cheese. If you choose pepperoni, you'll be happy that we don't skimp :). Order ahead if you want to be assured of getting the pizza of your choice. GF pizza is available upon request.

Here are some tastee items on our fresh shelf:

Spinach Bacon Quiche
Spinach Mushroom Quiche

both regular & gf

Pasta Fagioli Soup

Beef Shepherd's Pie

Whole Wheat Pizzas

Orange Raspberry Bread

Cinnamon Swirl Bread


Order your Apple Crisp by Tuesday night

Mother's Day cupcakes!

Very soon! Calico Baked Beans and Potato Salad!

Our Summer Special - Fresh Basil Chicken Salad

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