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Happy Easter

Apr 16, 2022
Happy Easter
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Happy Easter - He is Risen


I hope you have a marvelous Easter tomorrow. It's a great day to remember what Our Lord has done for us, and to enjoy family and friends.

All of our Easter entrees were picked up so now we will get back to normal production this coming week. We've got some work to do :).

I have a few Beeler hams left if anyone would love to save one for another time. The Beeler hams don't come back again until Thanksgiving.

Our Thursday special this week will be our Tastee Joes. I wanted to point this out to you because it's such a nice entree to have in the freezer. You just thaw, heat and enjoy our tastee sloppy joes. And they are so good on our dinner rolls (or grandma buns as we lovingly call them at the Poelstra home). Remember this handy meal for your upcoming graduation parties too.

Now, read on to find out what else we're up to.

We have a bakery assistant position open at Taste of Life.

The days are Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

10am to 5pm.

Also a part time position for a kitchen assistant,

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

9am to 5pm

Lunch is included and we offer a 20% discount in our store.

Please let me know if you're interested.


Pick your favorite day or days to shop.

All specials are offered while supplies last.


MONDAY - COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES! Spend at least $60 and pick out a free dozen of cookie dough balls. There are 7 varieties to choose from, including GF. Keep your cookie monsters happy.

TUESDAY - 20% off Tuesday! Choose any two entrees of any size and receive 20% off of those items.

WEDNESDAY - FREE QUESADILLAS - Spend at least $70 and get 3 FREE chicken and cheese quesadillas. I know you love this special.

THURSDAY - FREE TASTEE JOES - Spend only $65 and receive a free package of our Tastee Joes. This is fully cooked, ready to warm and serve. Don't forget the buns!

FRIDAY - FREE PIZZA - Spend only $85 and get a free whole wheat pepperoni or cheese pizza. We make the crust from scratch using freshly milled whole wheat flour. Our own pizza sauce is great and then topped with 3 cheese. If you choose pepperoni, you'll be happy that we don't skimp :). Order ahead if you want to be assured of getting the pizza of your choice. GF pizza is available upon request.


We have plenty of soft, fluffy and flavorful gf dinner rolls. Also, have you tried all of our gf entrees? There are many to choose from. Top sellers are the Chicken Enchilada and Lasagnas but then the Lemon Chicken and Chicken Pot Pies can't be beat.


Very soon!

Calico Baked Beans

and Potato Salad!

Our Summer Special

Fresh Basil Chicken Salad

And then, a special

Apple Crisp Week!

WISE WATER - we'll fill your bottles while you shop.

It's fresh and comes right from the filter to you!

Make our store your stop for fresh alkaline water.  Wise Water is headed up by my son Adam. One gallon of water is only $1.50!  We have bottles available for sale or bring your own.  Since you're getting your water straight from the filtering system, you'll be receiving the freshest antioxidant benefits not available to you otherwise!

Contact Adam directly with any questions.


Taste of Life; the place to get your family entrees and peace of mind that you're feeding your family wholesome, healthy and tastee meals. We cook the way you would if you had the time.

Allow us to save the day, one meal at a time!

Thank you for spreading the word about our "secret back door store".


Donna, our family, and the awesome Taste of Life crew

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